Friday, March 16, 2018


Today is Friday, and we finally finished our robot! We are starting to code already and then we will drive it to Mr. Martin. We still haven't found the part for solid works yet. Everything else we have done but we still haven't tested it yet but we are getting there. We also need to come in and print our battery holder.

Monday, March 12, 2018


Week Two Engineering Notebook

This week we have to upload our last week posts, and create pages for our Bios. We need to update our site so our bios are easily accessible. We need to finish clearing out our cart and then get it checked. Finally we need to find the parts for the Solidworks robot.


Week One Engineering Notebook

This Today we need to finish up our Bios, and keep looking for the correct Solidworks parts. On Tuesday, we failed to find the correct parts to build our robot. We uploaded our Bios and made our blog look nice. We (cough...SAM...cough) wasted time playing around, and made our first week of blogs.


Week One Engineering Notebook

This week, we need to create our blogs. With it, we need to each make our Team Bio and customize our page. We also need to look for the VexRobotic parts on Solidworks and make a robot. We took time to search for the parts and download all the ones we need.